In less than a month, our quirky, sweet rookie monster, Lee Hi, is turning 17! (18 in Korean Age) and we definitely wouldn’t pass this chance to shower her with love. This brings us to FLYHAYI’s BIRTHDAY PROJECT: LOVE. As much as possible, we want all international Lee Hi fans to join in this project so […]

Want to be a part of the FLYHAYI team? WE ARE HIRING!! We are expanding and we need all the manpower we can get. We hope you can be a part of the growing FLYHAYI team.

Idol groups have been scheduled for various plans to celebrate the year’s most wonderful time, Christmas Day. Near to the end of 2013, there are Year-End Gayo Daejeon and Concerts for Chriatmas. Thereby, Idols are extremely busy and have no chance to celebrate their Christmas Holidays. They are all focused on getting prepared for the […]

I hope everybody is able to have a heart-warming and happy Christmas after listening to BOM&HI’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” ^_^ Merry Christmas Translations by: